Monday, August 19, 2013

Getting healthy

In May 2013, i was FAT. :P

There were the times when I was in the lift and colleagues  would ask if I was pregnant and I would just say no. Then some insist that I was pregnant, just too shy to admit it....hurm, its actually the other way round. I'd gladly annouce i'm pregnant rather than be fat.

You see, my problem is the tummy...a round tummy. I'd wake up flat and a few minutes after eating something i'd start bloating...i'd bloat and bloat. By evening i'd be 4 months pregnant.

This of course depressed me. I go to the gym 3 times a week, and i run marathons. ok, maybe not full marathons..but i can do decent 10k's and 21km. The most i had done was 40km at Gunung Nuang in March 2013. So i could not believe that I was having FAT issues.

What i forgot was, I'm approaching 35 years of age and I still ate like a baby gorilla despite my baby not fully depending on breastmilk.So i took drastic steps to make changes.....

Phase 1

Firstly, i started monitoring my food intake...ok this lasted for about a week, then I knew what kind of habits i needed to cultivate. I used every morning after the gym (i used my Garmin to track my calories burnt) i would log in and then key in the calories used and continue updating everybite i took. Its pretty easy as most food that i ate were common and the details were already there.

Next, i knew i wasn't eating to well. Firstly, I start the day with exercising on an empty stomach and eat something loaded like 'nasi lemak' after that. So i eliminated Nasi Lemak. Took Shaklee Cinch shake in the morning before i exercise and fruits after that.wooooo....the calories difference is to.die.for!

Lunch, i'll start with fruits then sandwich.

I often feel sluggish after lunch. So i took, Cinch Tea. Boy oh boy! Its way better than coffee, minum the calories too...i drink it warm and add water as often as i like. So its pretty diluted + i increase my water intake.

Dinner...just something light or a bite or 2 while feeding the kids. I'd love some salad, but everytime i ate salad, I'd bloat like a balloon.

Phase 2

That done, I was frequently getting sick. Went to the doctor's and guess what he told me...he said..I'm overdoing my exercising, extreme diet and therefore am undernourished. As for the bloating, he gave a me a referral letter to see the tummy specialist for some scope...takut wei!

So, delay punya delay. One day i decided to try Shaklee Alfafa. Just took it diligently for a month. ehhh...i'm no longer pregnant? hahhhahahahhaha....

Also added other supplements to make sure I made it to 100 years of age....;)

In my daily diet are......

1. Alfafa - for my tummy
2. B-co - for the extra energy and alertness
3. Chewable Vit C - just for fun
4. ESP - protein ma! who doesn't need protein?
5. GLA complex - when you have breakouts at 35yo, this works extremely its better the off the shelve Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) which is essential for every woman...psssttt....u really need EPO to help your body absorb calcuim yo!
6. Lecithin - a fat breaker....after almost everymeal...
7. OmegaGuard - did i tell you that the health agent tested my cholesterol and said i'm borderline bad...:(...all is good now...:))
8. OsteMatrix - I run...therefore abuse my calcium is very much needed...
9. Vita e - Just for extra immunity
10 . Vita Lea Iron Formula - Multivitamins + multi minerals...seriously, the food we eat today is mostly junk...

There you go....bak kata sorang pakcik....'boleh mampos makan banyak ubat'! i'd say its the opposite!

Anyways, all these supplements comes from SHAKLEE....

Need advice, need can call/whatsapp me at 0193161933 or email

Majulah sukan untuk negara!


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